4 Common Insulation Problems In New Homes

New Homes = Common Insulation Problems

When moving into a newly built home, you expect the highest quality. However, curb appeal and functionality won’t guarantee the home will be built with performance and your health in mind. A lot of newer builders tend to apply the bare insulation needed to meet state codes but that doesn’t always keep a comfortable home. We have found 4 common insulation problems we find in newly built homes and why it is important to address these points early to achieved balanced comfort, safe indoor air quality, and energy cost savings.

rigid foam, air seal insulation in attic

4 Common Insulation Problems In New Construction Homes

  • No Air Sealing In The Attic: Air Sealing is an important part of attic insulation. Air Sealing helps to reduce air leaking out of the home, which improves efficiency and indoor air quality as well. It is a must to be done before insulating.

  • Improper Ventilation: Newer homes built today are built tighter than homes in the past. That’s why a new home should be properly ventilated with a controlled supply of fresh, filtered air that is free of harmful allergens, particulates, and other contaminants.

  • Improperly Sized Heating & Cooling Equipment: Bigger is not always better when it comes to heating and cooling systems. Oversized units can lead to poor humidity control, excess energy use, and unnecessary wear and tear. Properly sizing the systems is key to achieving reliable comfort.

  • Improperly Sealed Crawlspace: The benefits of insulating a crawlspace reach nearly every aspect of living in your home, from added comfort to energy efficiency and even moisture and mold mitigation. Insulating your attic to the maximum R-Value will benefit your home in the long run.

r value cellulose insulation

The Solution To Common Insulation Problems

Our complete home energy evaluation is designed to identify problem areas in your home, whether they’re in the attic, basement, around windows and doors, or in your ductwork. With various services to provide your home with the maximized insulation it needs, we will gladly come out to provide you with a home performance evaluation. Home comfort is key to getting through Iowa winters and we are here to help. Contact us today!

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