Winter Damages To Your Iowa Home

Cold Temps Bring Home Issues

Cold temperatures and piles of snow have the ability to do a number on your Iowa home. The winter months can stretch your home to its limits, from the inside to the outside. When temperatures dip below freezing, there are several vulnerable areas of your property that are subject to potential problems that you’ll have to face come the warmer months. We have compiled a list of ways that cold weather can damage your home and some helpful tips to prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

cold weather Icicles on gutters

Snow & Ice Strain On The Roof

Condensation and freezing temperatures can cause severe damage to your roof, including ice dams, loose shingles. and icicles. To avoid any major blows to your roof, contact a specialist to come out and help identify the issues.

Ice Dams

The constant changing of temperatures during the winter months can cause issues to ice dams. When the snow starts to melt off your roof and then the temperatures drop, this can cause ice buildup in your open-style gutters. Clear your gutters before cold weather arrives and keep an eye on them throughout the winter.

Cold Cracks The Caulk

Fluctuations in winter temperatures can cause caulk to pull away from windows, which in turn creates drafts that let the warm air out and cold air in. If you notice your home is drafty, call an experienced insulation contractor to come out to run a Home Performance Evaluation Test.

Melting Snow Leaks Into The Basement

Although basement flooding can happen at any time of the year, melting ice and snow can push their way into the basement through cracks, creating a big issue for you as a homeowner.

Attic Mold Can Lead To Wet Ceilings

An underinsulated attic can lead to many issues but one, in particular, is attic mold. Mold is never safe in the home and while many homeowners don’t climb up into their attic every winter to inspect their insulation; homeowners can see wet ceilings. To solve this issue, it is important to call an insulation contractor right away.

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