How to Keep Cold Air From Coming Through the Windows

During the long Iowa winters, nothing is better than enjoying the warmth of your home. However, drafty windows can impose on the comfort of your home. Even though your windows are allowing cold air to seep into your home, you don’t have to invest in window replacements. Here are some common solutions for sealing your windows for the winter:

How to Keep Cold Air From Coming Through the Windows

Best Solutions

  • Weatherstripping

    Often found in local hardwear stores, these self-adhesive strips are an inexpensive and simple solution to drafty windows. When searching for weatherstripping, there are three different types to consider:

    • Compression strips are the most durable and will stick to your window sashes.
    • V-type will perfectly fit within your window jam.
    • Foam is available in various sizes and has an adhesive backing. Foam strips are the easiest to install but do not last as long as other weatherstripping.
  • Window Insulation Tape

    Self-adhesive foam tape is perfect if you are looking for a quick fix for insulating your windows. However, a downside to this product is that it will only work if you keep your windows shut. Considering this, window insulation tape is best for windows that you don’t regularly use, or if you need a temporary and cost-effective way to stop cold air from coming through.

  • Insulative Window Film

    Resembling saran wrap, window film is a great way to seal your windows for the winter. Simply place the film on your window, heat it with a blow dryer and watch the materials shrink down and seal your windows.

  • Insulated Curtains

    If you are looking for a solution that will also add to the décor of your home, then consider insulated curtains. Crafted with a thick and heavy fabric, these curtains will not only soften the appearance of your windows, but they also have insulative properties. However, it is important to note that in order for these curtains to block cold air from coming into your home, they have to be mostly closed throughout the day.

  • Air Sealing

    Although the aforementioned solutions will help you mitigate cold air from coming through your windows, none of them come without their faults. Some of these options are not permanent or require some DIY efforts, and unless you are handy, the project could go astray. Luckily, there is air sealing.

    Made up of a caulk and foam mixture, air sealing is an effective technique for stopping air leakage. It is also ideal for filling cracks and holes around your windows, as well as various parts of your home, including:

    • Plumbing and wiring through floors, walls, and ceilings
    • Attic access hatches and drop-down stairs
    • Gaps around door trim
    • Electrical outlets and switches
    • Rim joists in basements or crawl spaces

    In order to perfectly and permanently stop cold air

Go With a Company You Can Trust

In order to perfectly and permanently stop cold air from coming through your windows, there is no doubt that air sealing is the solution of choice. And, with a trusted home improvement company on the job such as Home Solutions of Iowa, you can rest easy knowing your windows will be properly insulated for years to come.

What’s more, with air sealing blocking out the cold air, you no longer have to make multiple trips to the thermostat, reducing stress on your HVAC system, which may lower your monthly energy expenses—proving air sealing is the ideal solution for any homeowner.

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