Finding The Best Way To Clean Gutters

Climbing Ladders: Finding Ways To Clean Your Gutters Without Danger

When a task includes climbing ladders, many homeowners try to avoid it at all costs. The gutters on your home have a very important role in protecting your home. It is essential to keep them clear of things such as leaves, helicopters, dirt, and debris. The only way to keep your open-style gutters clean is to either climb up on a ladder every couple of weeks or hire someone to come out to clean them out for you. But, there is a solution to never get on a ladder to clean out your gutters again. That solution is LeafGuard® Gutters. This seamless gutter system has been proven to never clog, is backed with a lifetime warranty, and is completely maintenance-free.

close up of leafguard gutter
front close up view of leafguard gutters in ankeny

Stay Away From Climbing Ladders: Get LeafGuard® Installed

Staying off ladders, in general, is a good idea. The United States leads the world in ladder deaths. Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency room treated injuries and 300 deaths in the United States that are caused by falls from ladders. This statistic is alarming and it shows that risking your life to clean your gutters is simply not worth it. The easiest and simplest decision you can make when it comes to saying goodbye to climbing ladders is to invest in LeafGuard® Gutters. This one-piece gutter system features a curved cover hood that is part of the gutter itself instead of adding it on top of the existing gutter.

With this system, you can be sure to never have to worry about leaves and debris clogging them up, any sort of water damage, and is truly maintenance-free. There are so many benefits to this gutter system that you can’t say no to it. Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate and say goodbye to climbing ladders altogether.

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