Choosing the Right Wall Paint for Your Home

Paint Colors

We’ve all been there. Standing and staring at the myriad of paint colors at your local home goods store. You’ve probably stared at what you’re certain are 67 of the exact same blue color chips and thought “this is a trick, right?” Between moving furniture, taping, finally deciding on a color, and then digging into your pocketbook to pay for it, painting can be one of the least enjoyable home projects around. But, if you do it right, the benefits of a new paint color greatly outweigh whatever stress and hardship you endured while getting it done.

color choices for wall paint


Okay, so here’s a secret about painting: there are so many small, nuanced variations between shades of color that you do not actually need to sweat over two paint colors that are slightly different. Repeat: don’t sweat over small differences. But, if it’s your jam to obsess over the difference between Robin’s Egg Blue and Teal Moonbeam, go right ahead.


Here’s your basic answer: color affects mood. Blue paint will have a different effect on your mood than red paint. And a dark blue will put out a different vibe than light blue. So when you’re looking for paint, think about what space you’re painting, and what you want the feeling to be in that room.

Go for colors that jive with how you want people to feel while they are sitting in that specific room. Once you’ve chosen the right color and the right color value (how light or dark it is), you can rest assure that tiny differences between shades will not matter all that much in the long run.


In general, here’s what the research says about colors and moods:

  • Red and Orange: the highest energy colors.
    • Great for: living or dining rooms–anywhere you’d like to stir up a conversation. Also a great option for exercise rooms.
    • Not great for: bedrooms
  • Yellow: this is also an energizing and uplifting color
    • Great for: kitchens and bathrooms
    • Not great for: large spaces/the main color scheme
  • Blue: a calming, relaxing, serene color
    • Great for: bedrooms, any room you relax in
    • Not great for rooms where you want to have high energy. Also, you want to be careful with blue. If it’s a dark blue, it can have a saddening effect. You’ll want to make sure if you use dark blue that you add a warm color accent throughout the room.
  • Green: the most restful color for the eye. It combines the calming effect of blue with the cheerful effect of yellow
    • Great for: literally any room in the house
  • Purple: gives off an air of luxury and creativity
    • Great for/Not great for depends on the shade. Dark purples, follow the same rules as red/orange. Lavenders, follow the same rules as blue.


Assuming you don’t belong to a Homeowner’s Association, choosing an exterior paint color is more challenging than an interior for a few reasons:

1. Everyone sees it
2. It can alter the feel of your entire street
3. It can add to your property value. When choosing an exterior color, consider the following to-dos:

  • Plan your colors around “permanent” aspects of your home, such as roof color, stonework, and cement.
  • Research your home’s architectural era. Maybe there is a classic color that can restore some of its original charms.
  • Look around your block. If there are a few houses with funky accent colors–go for it! Doors, fences, and mailboxes can be fun items that can jazz up an otherwise neutral palette; however, if your block is pretty reserved as far as color goes, don’t be that guy. Don’t do a flamingo pink all over. Don’t even do flamingo-pink accents. Keep your resale value high, keep your house aligned with the neighborhood style.

If you’re ready to choose paint colors, view this video for ideas on how to tie in an all-over color, shutter colors, and accents.

Painting can be stressful. Do you know what’s stress-free? LeafGuard® brand gutters. Fortunately, they come in a variety of colors, so once you’re done choosing your color scheme for your home, we can add to the curb appeal with new gutters. Contact us at Home Solutions of Iowa when you’re ready!

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