Choosing A Gutter Color

Choosing The Right Gutter Color For Your Iowa Home

The color of your gutters actually enhances your home more than you think. Seeking out the right gutter color can not only complement the exterior of your home but will also highlight certain features. Finding a gutter system that comes in a variety of different colors will allow you to get a perfect match for your home. Luckily, LeafGuard® Gutters comes in a wide variety of colors to enhance your curb appeal. For instance, it’s always hard to picture a different gutter color on your home without it actually being installed. But, here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we installed many different LeafGuard® projects that you can reference to decide how the gutter color will look on your home.

  • Gutter color outside
  • white gutter color side of house
  • coal grey gutter color
  • grey gutter color front of house
  • gutter color exterior home
  • red gutter color
Check out some of our latest LeafGuard® installs with various amount of colors we offer.

A Helpful Guide To Deciding On Your Next Gutter Color

For instance, most homeowners tend to go with the standard white or off-white color because it is simple or because they’re not sure what color to choose. White is always a solid choice and there is no wrong color when it comes to your gutters. However, it really depends on the type of look you are going for. Design experts will tell you that they recommend matching the color of your gutters to either the roof or trim. In the next paragraph, we have created a helpful guide in choosing the color of your gutters to create that ideal aesthetic appeal.


  • Match Your Gutters To Your Roof: If the trim on your house is thin

  • When You Should Match Your Gutters To Your Trim: If you want your gutters to blend in or if the trim on your home is thick

  • Understanding When Not To Match Your Gutters To Your Trim Or Roof: If you are after a bold look, you’ll want to choose a complementary color that is either lighter or darkens than your home’s roof and trim.

Our Home Solution Experts Will Help You Choose The Right Color

Choosing a gutter color other than white is very confusing and can be very stressful which is why our Home Solutions Experts are your go-to guide when choosing your LeafGuard® Gutter color. White is always a go-to choice but there are over 16 different colors that will complement your home very nicely. Of the customers, we serve, white and our off-white tend to be the most popular but brown comes in a close second. We offer colors in green, gray, tan, blue, and even red. Whatever aesthetic style you are looking for, we have the color to match that. We will gladly sit down with you, show examples, and help explain how the color you are wanting will look on your home.

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