Cellulose Insulation vs Fiberglass Insulation

Here Is What You Need to Know

The debate has been cellulose vs. fiberglass insulation. Choosing the right insulation for your home’s attic is never easy. Not only is this home improvement product likely one you know little about, but there are also so many options to choose from. Two of the most popular insulation types are cellulose and fiberglass, as they are usually the most inexpensive and widely available. But, how well do they insulate your home? And, which one is the better option? Let’s find out.

attic frost
attic frost

The Similarities

As previously stated, cellulose and fiberglass insulation are two of the most popular options and the least expensive. However, price and popularity are not the only common denominators among these insulation options. They are also easy to install and effective, if properly installed, and have a similar R-value.

The Differences

While there are a few other ways in which fiberglass and cellulose are similar, they are actually more different than they are alike. Of the two, cellulose insulation offers considerably more advantages. While neither insulation option acts as an air barrier, cellulose insulation can help slow airflow; fiberglass does not. Cellulose insulation will also not burn if caught on fire. The same cannot be said about fiberglass. Cellulose also does better in the bitter cold, while heat can be easily stripped from fiberglass. And, lastly, it is easier to do a sloppy job installing fiberglass insulation vs cellulose insulation, meaning that you would get less from your fiberglass insulation, which already appears to be an inferior product.

The Insulation Installation

Now that you know the difference between cellulose and fiberglass insulation, you may be ready to invest in an insulation installation. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can effectively install the insulation of your choosing. We often recommend our cellulose insulation, or even our spray foam insulation, but we can provide rigid foam insulation if you desire it for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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