Attic Insulation: How It Helps With Creating An Energy Efficient Home

Attic Insulation: Finding A Solution To Uncomfortable Homes

Homeowners may not know how their lack of attic insulation home is affecting their energy bills. Getting that comfortable home with properly priced energy bills can be a struggle with the cold winter. The problem a lot of homeowners tend to have is air leakage from dozens of cracks and gaps throughout the home. Throwing down more insulation may seem like the solution to this issue but as a result, you are just spending more money while still not solving your uncomfortable home problem. Creating a comfortable home takes a full-on process and it all starts within your attic.

attic cellulose insulation
Creating a comfortable home takes a full-on process and it all starts within your attic.

How Attic Insulation Can Help Your Home

  • Temperature Control: If you’re paying for cooling or heating, and you don’t have insulation, then much of that energy is being lost. You’ll pay more as air conditioners and heaters are needing to work overtime to achieve the indoor temperature you want. With proper insulation, you can set the thermostat and never worry about having to crank it up constantly.

  • Reduce Allergens & Insects from Nesting: Air leaks don’t just let cool and warm air out, they also flow in the opposite direction. Insulation acts as a barrier that helps keep allergens out of the home which contributes to the ability to sleep soundly and staying comfortable. Insulation services provided by Home Solutions of Iowa also are not considered to be a food source like other insulation materials, which in result critters and insects are less likely to nest in the walls of the home.

  • Humidity: Air leaks reduce the effectiveness of your humidity control. Damp air can come in and damage the materials your home is made from faster. Energy-efficient homes can control this better, saving you money over the years in maintaining your home.

Insulation Services At HSI

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we can provide you with the perfect insulation services to keep an energy-efficient home. With a Home Performance Evaluation Test, we can identify the areas where heat is escaping and provide one or multiple of our services to fully insulate your attic. With insulation by HSI, you will have the comfortable, energy-efficient home you have been searching for. Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate!

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