Assessing Your Commercial Roof? Here are Tips To Follow

Caring For Your Commerical Roof

Commercial roofs can be more of a challenge to care for due to the size and slope but the best way to care for your roof is by keeping up with its regular inspections. Seeking out a local and reliable contractor to do an inspection on your commercial property is one of the best choices to do as a business owner. We have come up with some tips to identify when having your commercial roof inspected for damage.

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4 Tips When Assessing Your Commerical Roof

  • Inspect The Roof Penetration: If your commercial roof has penetrations like pipes, drains, and other components, be sure to have them inspected as often as possible. These penetrations are highly susceptible to leaks.

  • Inspect The Drains: Commercial roofs often have field drains so water can be directed away from the roof. Make sure these drains are cleared as much as possible to prevent leaks and damages to the building.

  • Inspect the Roof’s Surface: Look for any holes, cracks, or fastener back out that can compromise the integrity of the roof’s structure. This can eventually lead to leaks and sags. Also, be sure to remove any debris that can retain moisture.

  • Inspect The Sealants: Add inspection of the sealant and caulking on your agenda when examining the commercial roof to spot any cracks, openings, and deterioration. Sealants often need to be repaired and they can help prevent leaks around your roof’s penetration and flashings.

Get GAF Asphalt Shingles For Your Commerical Roof

Your commercial roof is one of the most important parts of your business. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we offer top of the line asphalt shingles that are engineered to perform and built to last. As a business owner, you have so many other tasks to worry about, and replacing your roof shouldn’t be one of those tasks. With our 6 part roofing system, your commercial property will have a durable and sturdy roof that will look great and last for years to come. Interested in replacing the roof on your commercial property? Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate!

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