Are Cold Homes Unhealthy For You?

Is It Dangerous To Live In Cold Homes?

Can cold homes have an effect on your health? Can cold temperatures have an effect on your health? Well, the uncomfortable truth is that yes it can have a significant impact on your health and could lead to serious problems over time. Did you know the recommended temperature for your home to live in is 64 degrees? If it is below, not only could it provide a very uncomfortable home but it could also be detrimental to your health.

freezing cold rooms
Winters in Iowa are always unpredictable. Some days we may be able to enjoy the mid 40’s where other days are in the negatives. Winterizing your home is important with the change in temperatures.

What Could Happen If I Live In A Cold Home?

While you may not think that living in a cold home could have an impact on your health, prolonged exposure can aggravate existing conditions, such as asthma or arthritis, and could even create new health issues. Some examples of health conditions that can be worsened or caused by cold homes are asthma, respiratory infections, heart attacks and strokes, poor sleep and insomnia, mental health issues, and more. Typically it is the very young and the elderly who will be impacted by these conditions but even healthy adults can struggle with cold homes. Now, you may be wondering how to fix this issue. Well, insulation services by Home Solutions of Iowa can provide you with a solution to your home comfort issues.

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Having a cold home is not only detrimental to your health but is not a comfortable way of living. We can identify the issues and provide a solution to your home comfort issues.

Common Causes of Cold Homes

Issues of cold homes are most commonly found in areas of colder climates like Iowa. Lack of insulation, air sealing, or have poor heating systems and low energy efficiency are all examples of why you may be experiencing a cold home.  While older homes may suffer more from these issues, we have seen newer homes with the same problems. When homes are built, they are left with many gaps and cracks that air can travel through. These gaps and cracks are letting the conditioned heat you pay for out of your home.  The top places of heat loss are your attic, the rim joist, and areas around the windows. Having improper insulation, lack of air sealing, poor energy efficiency, and outdated heating systems will cause your furnace to work harder and energy bills to soar.

attic cellulose insulation
Our Attic Insulation System will not only provide you with the ideal home comfort but it will provide you with lower energy bills as well. We have a variety of insulation services to help fully insulate your home.

HSI Provides The Perfect Home Comfort

Eliminating a cold home is a crucial task that should be completed before the dead of winter sets in. The first step is having an energy evaluation of your home. This will identify areas that are allowing air to leak out and help provide us with an idea of what insulation services will be needed to provide your home with the perfect home comfort.

After the energy evaluation, we will remove all of the old insulation starting with a blank sheet. From there, we will Air Seal any nooks and cracks to eliminate any sort of air leakage possibilities. After Air Sealing, we will blow in a nice blanket of Cellulose Insulation providing the ideal R-Value for your Central Iowa home. Our complete attic insulation system will provide the perfect home comfort and eliminate any sort of cold home issues. Contact us today to get set up with a free Heat Map Evaluation!

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