Reviewing 2019

We have closed out another amazing year and are ready to take on 2020 with open arms. Taking the time to reflect on this past year brought a lot of smiles to our faces. All of the accomplishments we reached just made us more excited for what 2020 will bring us. We wanted to share some of our top highlights from our awesome year of 2019!

Home Solutions of Iowa's Family

Home Solutions of Iowa is ready for the new year!

Local Community Contractor

Being a community contractor, we loved being able to get out in the community to sponsor events that can help our youth. We have had the opportunity to sponsor various events for the youth in Central Iowa.

  • 1st Annual Build My Future
    • We were able to go out and showcase skilled trades allowing high school students to explore and participate in hands-on activities.

Our Roofing Manager is explaining the 6 components that make up a roof.

  • 3rd Year Sponsoring Iowa Wild Junior Crash Course

We enjoy being able to spread our love of Hockey in Central Iowa. Being able to provide a clinic where young kids get to try on the full gear and participate in basic hockey drills is so fun to watch!

Kids around Central Iowa get to dress up in full Hockey gear and learn basic skills.

  • Junior Achievement Sponsorship
    • We were apart of the JA Finance Park giving students the opportunity to learn how to budget on Home Improvement projects.

The Junior Achievement program gives students around Central Iowa the opportunity to prepare youth for the financial decisions they will make when they become adults.

  • 3rd Annual Iowa Wild Block Party
    • To kick off the AHL Hockey season, we hosted a block party for the youth of Central Iowa.

This event is a great way to grow the love of hockey throughout central Iowa.


Every year we strive to get recognized for the great work our employees do every day.

  • Home Solutions of Iowa Chosen at A Top Remodeler for 2019
    • We were selected as one of the Top 500 Remodelers of 2019. We were compared to other companies on attributes including strong revenues, commitment to customer service, insightful sales techniques, and have strong customer loyalty.

HSI is honored to be considered a Top 500 Remodeling Company in 2019.


We’ve hit some great milestones and been able to celebrate some new innovations here at HSI.

  • 16th Year Attending Iowa State Fair as a Blue Ribbon Sponsor
    • We spent time talking and promoting our products; especially our LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.

We love to catch up with our amazing customers at the Iowa State Fair.

  • Spent A Full Year In Our New Office

A lot has changed in our 16 years of business. After moving into our new office back in August 2018, we have officially spent a full year in our new Waukee, Iowa location.

We are proud to call Waukee, Iowa home.

  • 3rd Annual Roof Giveaway
    • Partnering with Iowa Wild, we were able to provide the Garman Family of Clive, Iowa a new roof in June. It was so much fun to provide this lucky family with such a tremendous gift.

We celebrated the Roof Giveaway at the Iowa Wild Fan Appreciation Night.

  • Hosted A First Time Internship
    • This past summer marked our first intern at HSI. Mattie worked in our Marketing Department from June to August to gain hands-on experience on consumer trends in the home improvement industry.

Our intern Mattie is a Junior at the University of Iowa getting a degree in Business Analytics.

  • Decking Becoming A New Service
    • We have started expanding and are offering decking services. We are always looking for the next project we can help the homeowner with.

Expand your livable space with our premium decks.

Our decking features durable classic wood with no maintenance at all.

HSI Is Ready For A New Year

2019 was another huge growing year for us. 2020 will be even bigger and better and we are excited about what is in store for us. We are grateful for the effort and hard work that each and every one of our employees put in daily and look forward to another amazing year at HSI!