A Year After The Iowa Derecho

A Year After The Devastating Iowa Derecho

A year ago we witnessed one of the most tragic storms Iowa has ever seen: The Iowa Derecho. This storm tore through the entire state leaving Iowan’s lost and confused. This widespread wind event went all across I-80 hitting every town along the way. Winds were greater than 58 mph causing many homeowners to deal with trees falling on their homes, objects flying into their siding, and roof shingles being blown off. The Iowa Derecho had a huge effect on our homes leaving homeowners stressed out to figure out where to start in restoring their Iowa homes.

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The Year Of Iowa Derecho Restoration

Homeowners were confused as to what steps to start within restoring their homes. Many homeowners all throughout Iowa were struggling to deal with the daunting and dangerous tasks of accessing structural and roof damage. Luckily, we have many years of experience dealing with these types of devastating storms. Going out to meet with homeowners and assess their damage was interesting, to say the least. We encountered homes that had some serious damage that we have never seen before.

Over the past year, we have restored thousands of Iowan’s homes. We are still in the process of helping homeowners out to this day. The Iowa Derecho heavily impacted the whole entire state that homeowners were still struggling to work with their insurance companies to this day. Storm damage restoration can be one of the most stressful parts of being a homeowner. Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we have over 17 years of experience dealing with these stressful times. Creating peace of mind exterior home remodeling storm damage restorations is one of our top priorities. Over the past year, we have helped homeowners restore their homes to look even better than what they did before.

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Are You Still Struggling From Iowa Derecho Damage?

Over the past year, we have helped thousands of homeowners restore their damaged homes. But, many homeowners are still in the process of working with insurance companies to find solutions. If you are still in the process of working to restore your Iowa home, reach out to Home Solutions of Iowa. Our storm damage experts will come out to your home, assess the entire exterior part, and will give full details on the problem/solution situation. The Iowa Derecho took us all by surprise but luckily enough, we have experience with helping homeowners during such a devastating time.

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