A Quick Guide to Composite Decking Patterns & Layouts

Here Is What You Need to Know

Are you about to have a composite deck professionally installed in your home? Your new deck can be customized to not only function as an entertainment space but also feature a unique pattern to accent your home. There is a wide variety of patterns and layouts to choose from.

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Design Inspiration

When designing your deck, you’ll want to look online and in person for inspiration. Browse through your decking contractor’s portfolio. Check out your friends’ and neighbors’ deck patterns. There are multiple composite decking patterns to choose from including:

  • Diagonal: For a popular deck layout, consider either left or right-facing diagonal placement.
  • Framed: Have your deck boards installed in any pattern, then frame them off with a picture-frame style along the edges.
  • Herringbone: Short deck boards are laid out in opposite diagonal directions in one of the most elegant deck designs available.
  • Horizontal: A horizontal layout helps achieve the illusion that your deck is wider than it truly is.
  • Pinstripe: For a unique look, consider utilizing deck boards of different widths to create a pinstripe design – mixing wide and narrow boards.
  • Tile: With your deck boards laid out in a combination of vertical and horizontal “squares,” you can achieve an elegant tile design.
  • Vertical: Unlike adding the appearance of width in a horizontal layout, a vertical layout offers the appearance of your deck extending farther out along your home

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