4 Gutter Tips to Help Prevent Water in Your Basement

Water In Your Basement?

Water in your basement is often caused by a poor drainage system after heavy rain. This can be due to clogged, leaking, or inadequate gutters and downspouts that do not properly handle water runoff. This causes rainwater to be dumped close to your home rather than carried away from the foundation. When rainwater pools near your home it saturates the earth and through tiny cracks or porous walls, it can seep into your basement.

Water basement clogged gutters
Maple tree helicopters clogging the gutter screens on this Beaverdale, Iowa home.

4 Tips to Preventing Water in Your Basement

  • Inspect and clean your gutter system regularly
  • Repair any leaks or malfunctions in your gutters
  • Make sure all downspouts carry rainwater well away from your home
  • Install downspout extensions and splash pans

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