2016 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Plan Ahead

Sure, winter is still in full effect with a couple more months to go, but you can get into a warmer state of mind by planning ahead for spring. One way to jump-start that process is to develop a spring cleaning checklist to tackle now so you can enjoy the weather more when it improves. Here is a spring cleaning checklist for both indoors and outdoors.

Spring Cleaning Indoors

Change out your furnace filters. If you neglect this simple task, dirt and debris will clog up the filters, preventing clean air from getting through. You could risk allergy and asthma flare-ups when the air quality in the home is not good. In addition, clogged and dirty filters don’t allow your heating unit to do the most efficient job.

Shampoo the rugs. After the grimy foot traffic of winter, your carpeting will certainly need a thorough cleaning. You can rent a machine from a home improvement store to keep costs low or purchase one to have on hand if you find you use it a lot. Use a rotary shampoo machine with hot-water extraction to clean synthetic carpets and rugs with waterproof backings, but take rugs sans backing, such as Orientals, to a professional, as Martha Stewart suggests.

Wipe down walls and ceilings. Using a vacuum with brush attachment first, get all the cobwebs and dirt from the walls, baseboards, and ceilings. Then, using a warm washcloth with a cleaning agent, wipe down those stubborn areas where dirt tends to accumulate, such as on the tops of baseboards. Pay more attention to the kitchen where grime can build up from food prep.

Dust throughout the home. Going in a top-to-the-bottom pattern, get into those hard-to-reach areas with a duster or microfiber rag. Don’t forget window casings, tops of doors, and ceiling fans.

Clean window treatments. Those drapes and curtains can pick up a lot of dust over the winter months. Take them down and machine washes them. Wipe down vinyl and metal blinds with a rag soaked in warm water and dish-washing liquid; use just a damp cloth for wooden blinds.

Spring Cleaning OUTDOORS

Start weeding and prepping your gardens for planting after Mother’s Day. Prune trees and shrubs. Fix trellises and fencing. Cut back overhanging limbs from the home.

Clean out your gutters. This is an important task you can’t neglect, or you could risk flooding when the rains of spring come. It’s best to hire a professional for this if you have more than a one-story home. Getting up on a ladder or on the roof can pose a safety risk. We have the tools necessary to get all the leaves and debris out safely.

Need more handy spring cleaning tips or do you need a new gutter estimate? Contact Home Solutions of Iowa.

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